As of 2012 Arabcab now includes over 45 members in 14 Arab states, the yearly gross production value of these companies exceeds $10bn yearly. This is due to the high demand of different types of cable and wire to cover the needs of housing, industrial and service projects in all Arab countries.

The federation intends to gather the Arab leaders of this industry through holding an annual convention that all members participate in, as well as all Arabic and non-Arabic federations, companies and association that has an interest in the subject. The first conference was held in the Kingdom of Bahrain and dealt with the banking and financial challenges facing the industry, since then 7 more conferences we’re held in Morocco, Jordan, UAE, Egypt, Lebanon, Spain and most recently Morocco. In September 2005 the Bahrain council of ministers approved the welcoming of the ACMA general secretariat as a permanent headquarters in the Kingdom of Bahrain. That last conference was held in Marrakech- Morocco and dealt with the electrical infrastructures in the Arab world and featured a wide array of speakers and discussions over the subject matter as well as other matters of interest to the conference attendees, The 9th Arabcab conference will be held in Abu Dhabi on September 2013, and will deal with the issue of Housing in the Arab World

Main Event

Registration is now open, Should your company be interested in sponsoring the event, you can check the sponsorship section for the sponsorship benefits and send in a sponsorship request via the same e-mail address.For More Information you can contact Arabcab’s main office on the following numbers:

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